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Pedro Castro

Informatics Engineer 5th Year Student

About Me

Hello, my name is Pedro Castro and I'm a 5th year student at FEUP's Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering.
The areas I am most interested in are Software Engeneering, Distributed Systems, Game Development, Algorithms and Object-Oriented Progamming. But I mostly enjoy any logic related problem too.
During these 5 years in college I've been a member(2013-2014) and the general-coordinator(2014-2016) of the informatic student nucleus, NIAEFEUP, where I developed and managed some projects and for which I gave some workshops of programming languages or frameworks.

I enjoy reading, listening to music, playing games and practicing martial arts. I like to think I have a good imagination and I love doing something were it can be put to good use.
I have developed a lot of diferent apps and programs, and although most of them were for college's courses or projects at NIAEFEUP I also solo-developed some during my free time. Most of which can be seen on my Github profile.